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Q: How often should you get your water tested? (Coliform Bacterial)

A: Once a year


Q: How often should you put air in your tank?

A: Once a year, after your tank is 3 years old.


Q: I think my pump is running to much, what is proper run time?

A: It should run a minimum of a 1 minute pumping cycle.


Q: What would cause the pump to run too much?

A: Normally the pump will run too much if there is a lack of air in the tank.


Q: What would cause a pump to run when you are not using water?

A: It could be a toilet leak or a check valve leak.


Q: How do I know if my toilet is leaking?

A: Put food coloring in the toilet tank - don't flush the toilet. If the food coloring goes into your bowl then your toilet is leaking.


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Madison: 274-7235   

Brooklyn: 455-6144    Evansville: 882-6606    

Belleville: 235-9293

Janesville: 752-7004    

New Glarus: 527-8100     

Cottage Grove: 839-3331    

Stoughton: 873-8020